Patrick van der Vorst

Patrick van der Vorst

Founder, St George Valuations

Patrick van der Vorst was a director and Head of Department at Sotheby’s London for over thirteen years before founding St George Valuations in 2011. Since then he has assembled a team of over sixty specialists, each of whom have worked with Sotheby’s, Christie’s and other well-known auction houses.

Thanks to the unique qualifications of our team, St George Valuations confidently conducts important assignments, valuing and cataloguing the entire contents of country estates or individual items, from silver spoons to contemporary art.

Whatever the scale of your project we guarantee a fast, reliable and professional turnaround, each object being carefully appraised with absolute transparency.

During the course of our work we have come across significant ‘finds’, which is always exciting for the experts concerned. Passion always brings rewards but the drive for excellence, combining academic rigour with the commercial interests of our clients, is what motivates our team and provides you with the best possible valuation document.

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The task of addressing my aunt's estate and the valuation of numerous artworks and items to me was daunting one. St George were professional and approachable and the team efficient and delivered a thoroughly comprehensive document. I have recommended you already to two or three legal firms as you should be a must on their recommendation lists.

-Probate valuation, East London, UK


I found the valuers to be very knowledgeable in their field of expertise and they would ask for more clarification if unsure of any of the processes.  The Valuers worked very well with the porterage staff and respected the working environment they were in.  I found all the valuers to be polite and friendly to everyone they came in contact with during this audit and found it a pleasure working with them.

- Important Historical Collection, London, UK