St George Valuations provides insurance valuations for your works of art, antiques and other valuables following loss, damage or theft. Accepted by many leading insurance companies, our experts’ valuations can be used to ensure that your prized possessions have adequate cover. 

It’s easy to forget to update insurance policies but the onus is always on the policy holder to provide independent proof of value. By having your collection valued by an independent company, you have peace of mind, knowing that the replacement costs are correct.


Our Specialists have years of expertise in their various fields. They use this knowledge when providing condition reports and always take into account the objects' value and any potential costs to ensure that clients have all the information needed before instigating a restoration project. We recognise that these projects do not always revolve around financial matters, and may be taken on for more personal reasons. St George Valuations is always sympathetic to our clients' needs and can advise if a work needs restoring, and who would be the best restorer.

We work with a number of art restorers, art restoration companies and have relationships with many craftsmen across all disciplines. We pride ourselves on being able to advise on every type of restoration.

Art Advisor

St George Valuations are happy to act on your behalf in the purchase of specific works of art. Whether you have an established collection or have only recently become interested in  paintings, decorative arts, antiques and collectables, our team of specialists can advise you and leverage our links to auction houses, dealers and independent experts worldwide.

With unparalleled knowledge of the art and general auction world, our team are adept at tracking down the rarest objects, always ensuring anonymity for our clients. We value integrity and will always act in the best interests of our clients to get the best piece for the best value, while favouring no auction house or dealer in this process.


Buying & Selling

With today’s huge choice of auction rooms, selling your works of art can prove to be a complex and confusing process. St George Valuations can make this process easier through our art brokerage, a service that helps our customers to take their items to auction or to negotiate a private deal with a collector or dealer.  

Due to the whims of fashion and demand, the prices that items fetch can change quickly. Our sixty specialists constantly monitor the salesrooms, noting changing trends from auction room to auction room, and are therefore well-placed to advise on where and how to maximise your return.

By liaising with the auction room or dealer on your behalf, we will make sure your item gets maximum coverage and we will encourage the bidding process.

A member of our team will contact you to confidentially discuss your requirements, after which we will create a sales strategy. Liaising with you and the auction room, we will consign the item under St George Valuations, saving you the trouble of dealing with any administrative issues.


Shipping is an important process for an artwork and its owner. Thanks to our long experience in the art world, we have the right contacts to move your paintings and works of art around the world. Taking into account the nature and value of of your item, along with its origin and destination, we can advise on the most appropriate shipper and would be delighted to make the arrangements on your behalf. 

We work closely with the leading shippers in the art world and whoever we recommend to transport your items, you can be sure they will be in the safest of hands.